How to Use Dumbells in Shoulder Exercises at Home

Dumbells are an excellent tool for building strong shoulders at home or in the gym. Using these dumbells, you can place tension on your shoulders by lifting your hips about two to three inches off the floor. With your left hand, hold the dumbells and slowly move your right foot toward the left hand. Make … Read more

What Exercise Hits All Shoulders?

So you want to build stronger shoulders, but you’re unsure what exercises to do. There are several exercises that target the shoulders. These include the Upright row, Pike push-up, Smith Machine One-Arm Upright Row, and Reverse flyes. Read on to find out which exercise you should choose to maximize your shoulder strength. You may even … Read more

How to Work Your Upper Shoulders

  For an effective workout, you should focus on the upper shoulders. Doing straight arm circles and lateral raises with a barbell or machine are two of the most common exercises. Other exercises to target the upper shoulders include Overhead shoulder presses, barbell overhead rows, and shoulder press-ups. For additional exercises, check out the articles … Read more

What 3 Shoulder Exercises Should I Do?

Shoulder workouts should not just focus on hypertrophy. They should also incorporate movements that train the shoulder girdle as a whole. Cheat Lateral is an excellent example of such a movement. Unlike other types of shoulder exercises, the resistance for Cheat Lateral comes from the front of the body instead of coming from the ground … Read more

What is Best Exercise For Shoulders?

When training your shoulders, you need to focus on two main questions: What exercises work the lateral deltoid muscles? and How do press-ups and dumbbell lateral raises improve your strength? Here are a few exercises you can try to strengthen your shoulders: Do press-ups work your lateral deltoid muscles? Press-ups are great exercises for strengthening … Read more