Maintaining a Healthy Body pH

            To maintain a healthy body pH, you should know the different foods that are alkaline or acidic. For example, cabbage is high on the alkalinity scale. Other high-alkalinity foods include cauliflower, carrot, onion, and asparagus. Foods with a moderate or low alkalinity level include grapes, papaya, and cherry. Acid-forming … Read more

Healthy Body Pulse Rate

        The heart rate and pulse rate are closely related to one another in a healthy body. This is because the heart’s contractions change the blood pressure in the main arteries, and the two are closely synchronized. This means that when an individual feels a strong rush of blood in their hands, … Read more

Healthy Body Quotes

        Maintaining health is an ongoing process, one that requires a healthy diet, physical exercise, and rest. People who live an active, balanced lifestyle are at their best in all areas. A healthy body quote is an inspirational reminder of the importance of maintaining good health. While we all have different ways … Read more

How to Take a Healthy Body Quiz

         This healthy body quiz can help you improve your overall health. You can use word or picture questions to test your knowledge about different body systems. For instance, the oesophagus is responsible for the movement of food from the mouth to the stomach. Similarly, the nervous system controls how a person … Read more